What is Enterprise Climate X Forum?

The Enterprise Climate X Forum is an annual gathering of the most senior and influential leaders of the business community with a single aim: To help them understand and quantify what climate change means to them and their businesses so that they can take meaningful action now.

Climate change is now one of the biggest threats to the global economy. The race to slash emissions by 43% by 2030 is on, and governments around the world are looking to the private sector as partners in the fight and not just entities to be regulated. Taken as an industry, we believe it will prove to be the largest and most compelling sector globally in the coming decades.

The forum has two components: The in-person gathering and the Enterprise Climate X Awards. A hand-selected group of CEOs, c-suite executives, investors, business owners, and regulators will gather for an exclusive networking session hosted by Enterprise Co-Founder Hadia Mostafa and Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Patrick FitzPatrick. Awards will be presented to those who are clear leaders in putting climate at the center of their businesses.

The Climate X Forum, which will take place one month ahead of COP27, aims to recognize and showcase innovative businesses, business leaders and investors in Egypt who are already taking proactive steps to restructure their operations, come up with new technologies, and develop new products that address the climate reality that we are currently facing. The goal is to create a new narrative that helps the business community understand the practical steps they can take to put climate at the heart of their businesses.

The forum’s keywords are exchange and excel. We want attendees to exchange ideas, experiences and business cards, while recognizing those who have excelled at meeting their climate-aligned targets.